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  Lough Hyne:  From Prehistory to the Present
  Lough Hyne Book

This illustrated publication on Lough Hyne traces man's interaction with the lough for over 4,000 years. Terri Kearney utilises the physical landscape, local knowledge and folklore as well as historical sources to explore the unique aspects of Lough Hyne's heritage as well as revealing how the area was affected by some of the major events in history.
Starting in prehistory with an interpretation of the archaeological landscape, the book looks at how early man lived, worked and worshipped at the lough through millennia. The reign of the O'Driscolls as lords of Lough Hyne is covered. The living conditions of the poor and the effects of the Great Famine are also included as well as diverse aspects of the social history of the lough. An exploration of the ecology of the lough, with extraordinary underwater photographs, also features, as does the long history of marine research at Lough Hyne.
The book is beautifully illustrated by Peter Murray with vivid watercolours. The 210-page book has a total of 230 photographs and images and is a high quality paperback.

Price 37 Euro
Heritage Bridges of County Cork
  Lough Hyne Book

This illustrated publication tells the story of bridges in the County of Cork, from the earliest times, right up to the recent past. With over 150 illustrations, this publication will equip the reader with a great insight into the bridges of the County, their different styles, dates of construction and the many fascinating stories related to them.


Price 14 Euro
Lough Hyne:  The Marine Researchers in Pictures
  Lough Hyne Book

Lough Hyne was first ‘discovered’ by marine biologists in 1886 and is now one of the most-studied marine habitats in the world. Designated as Europe’s first Marine Nature Reserve in 1981, this small lake has attracted scientists from around the globe to carry out research there.
The photographs presented in this volume record the scientific work of the researchers, their day-to-day living and their interaction with the local people. They illustrate how issues arising due to its remote location and ‘difficulties’ such as the Irish Civil War and WWII were overcome. Many members of this scientific community returned annually to the lough over decades, and some continue to do so. Strong local friendships developed as did annual rituals, such as day-trips to the offshore islands and to Kerry, all of which feature in these extraordinary photographs.

Famine DVD
  Famine DVD

The Great Irish Famine: Remember Skibbereen is a 55-minute documentary by award-winning Harvest Films, which tells the story of the Great Famine in Skibbereen and in Ireland generally. Concentrating on the human aspect of this defining period of Irish history, it includes interviews with Professor Joe Lee, Dr Larry Geary,  Professor Mark McGowan, Dr Marita Foster and Gary White Deer as well as local historians Fr Patrick Hickey, Philip O’Regan and Gerald O’Brien. 
Also included on the DVD is the 120-minute special feature of the events of the 2009 National Famine Commemoration Week, which was held in Skibbereen.

Price 13 Euro 
  West Cork Guide
  West Cork Guide

Situated in the south coast of Ireland in West Cork is a place of spectacular scenery, mountains, valleys, rugged coastline, golden beaches, beautiful islands and the friendliest people in the world.
John Earley's "West Cork the Guide" is a guide to the many picturesque towns and villages in this area. It includes many stunning photographs of this area's scenery, flora and fauna. It is also a guide to the history, archaeology, culture and wildlife of the locality.

Price 15 Euro  
Skibbereen & District Historical Society - Journal 2011
  Skibbereen Journal 2011

Volume 7 in this series includes:
 Sisters in Science: Agnes and Ellen Clerke.
 Placenames based on the Irish Words.
 Christmas in Bluid 100 years ago.
 A National School on the Irish Coast.
 A Gala Day at Cape Clear, 1881.
 The Great Famine and Skibbereen.
 How Was Butter Made in Earlier Times?
 Fíor Gael.
 Percy E. Ludgate: Skibbereen-born Computer Pioneer.
 Shipwrecks off the West Cork Coast: L'Impatiente 1797.
 Birth and Growth of Skibbereen: An Overview.
 Admiral Boyle Somerville: Archaeologist and Archaeoastronomer.
 The Picture Postcard.
 Ireland in Europe since 1973.

Price 13 Euro  

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